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13 Apr 2015
New Technology Enables Halogen-Free Combustion Modified High-Resilience Foam Production with a Single Polyol

HORGEN, SWITZERLAND – April 13, 2015 – Dow has developed the new GUARD technology that provides manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foams for furniture, bedding and seating applications with a powerful solution to increase comfort levels...
INVISTA Intermediates presents its divers product portfolio at UTECH
13 Apr 2015
Media Contact: Katarina Sipple, INVISTA, Mobile;+49 172 65 08 157, Katarina.Sipple@INVISTA.com

INVISTA to present diverse product portfolio at UTECH April 14-16, 2015, in Maastricht, Netherlands

Maastricht , Netherlands (April 13, 2015) — INVISTA will be showcasing its latest innovations at UTECH (Booth 1530) that...
13 Apr 2015
DIPRANE TM and HYPERLAST TM systems are available for a broad range of applications

HORGEN, SWITZERLAND – April 13, 2015 – The phase-out of MBOCA (4,4'-Methylenebis-2-Chlororaniline) substances under REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 provides an opportunity for the industry to change the way it thinks about the material...
13 Apr 2015
Combining custom-tailored formulations, based on Honeywell Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent and vacuum-assisted injection equipment, this Dow innovation improves foam insulation performance and productivity for manufacturers.

HORGEN, SWITZERLAND – April 13, 2015 – For the first time, PASCAL TM PRO polyurethane systems from The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW)...
13 Apr 2015
Combining custom tailored formulations and retrofitted vacuum-assisted injection equipment to help discontinuous panels manufacturers for cold storage rooms achieve a step-change in productivity and foam performance

HORGEN, SWITZERLAND – April 13, 2015 – For the first time, PASCAL TM PRO polyurethane systems from The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:...

10 Apr 2015
Exciting Bomix innovations at the UTECH Europe 2015

Modern, high-quality and efficient – Bomix will be exhibiting innovative solutions for the refinement of polyurethane surfaces at the UTECH Europe 2015 trade fair. While the Bomix primers impress with the maximum cost efficiency and process reliability, the Bomix functional...

Bio based polyols from PolyLabs
09 Apr 2015
Polylabs will participate in the Utech 2015 with our bio based polyols. Our biopolyols are high-quality base polyols synthesized using renewable materials - rapeseed oil and tall oil. They are mostly used for rigid polyurethane foams for thermal insulation application.

Our Biopolyols are developed in close partnership with...
09 Apr 2015
This year’s Utech Europe trade fair will include both new applications for existing products as well as product innovations from ISL - a manufacturer of pigment pastes and lacquers for the polyurethane industry with over 45 years’ experience.

Scorching and yellowing – no thanks

The impact...
Mondi launches the revolutionary process liner OLMO MaxFilm
09 Apr 2015
The rising demand for flexible foam, driven by urbanization, life expectancy and a strive for more comfort, have triggered the development of an enhanced and even more efficient process liner. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the flexible foam industry, Mondi Coatings engineers have come up with a...

07 Apr 2015
WATERFORD, N.Y. (March 31, 2015) –Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (Momentive), a leader in polyurethane foam additives, will present two technical papers at UTECH Europe focusing on developments in its Niax* products line. With over 50 years in the polyurethane industry, Momentive supplies silicone surfactants, amine catalysts and process modifiers to...

Introducing PMC’s NEW PH-2 Hydraulic Proportioner
03 Apr 2015


For Immediate Release


Introducing PMC’s NEW PH-2 Hydraulic Proportioner

LAKEWOOD, NJ – March 10, 2015 – Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is excited to announce the introduction of the...

INVISTA expands production of TERRIN™ aliphatic polyols into Europe
02 Apr 2015
INVISTA expands production of TERRIN™ aliphatic polyols into Europe

VLISSINGEN, The Netherlands — INVISTA is bringing production of its TERRIN™ polyols to Europe via its facility in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. The site produced its first commercial TERRIN™ polyols in late 2014 and completed the requirements for REACH registration...

27 Mar 2015
Everberg, BELGIUM – Huntsman has made a major tooling technology breakthrough with the launch of a new polyurethane resin system that cures extremely quickly and allows the production of high heat stable modeling, tooling and rapid prototyping boards.

The availability for the first time of an effective, high...
27 Mar 2015
Everberg, BELGIUM – In a bid to make everyday life more comfortable, Huntsman has developed RUBIFLEX ® Cocoon polyurethane-based foam technology, which can be used to manufacture cool, breathable, flexible foams for bedding, furniture and seating applications

The RUBIFLEX ® Cocoon foam system is designed to significantly enhance comfort...
Join ‘The Moisture Masters’ in Maastricht
27 Mar 2015
Join ‘ The Moisture Masters’ in Maastricht

At this year’s U-TECH show (14-16 April at the MECC Arena Maastricht), moisture-control specialists Baltimore Innovations, will be promoting their exciting range of SUPERSIV® Zeolite Molecular Sieves. These easy-to-use desiccant products remove water from PU formulations, and in doing so they...

26 Mar 2015
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroaki Ishizuka) today announced that it has developed the world’s first bio-based polycarbonatediol, a type of high-performance polyols, and will begin worldwide market development and sales in April of this year. MCC uses proprietary manufacturing processes to produce the new product,...
VIP LP-01 Machine
26 Mar 2015
VIP is presenting their new Low-Pressure , Cold-Spray application machine for elastomeric coatings (VIP LP-01)

ACMOS works for you
24 Mar 2015
ACMOS CHEMIE KG as a technology leader is focusing on the research and development of modern release agent solutions and will present latest developments of water-based release agents applicable practically in all polyurethane areas.

ACMOS CHEMIE KG has also developed a new product series for mould cleaning which...

PU MIX - New Location
16 Mar 2015
Due to the continuous growth of the company, PU MIX has moved to a new and modern location: 4000 sqm area, comprising 2000 sqm workshop, 200 sqm laboratory and 400 sqm offices.

Baalbaki Spray Foam Seminar held in the UAE
13 Mar 2015
BCI hosted a Spray Foam Seminar at its production facility in the Hamriyah Free Zone area in the UAE.

Top 100 in the Arab World
12 Mar 2015
The Group has been faced with very challenging circumstances recently, and we have been able to remain successful and continue to develop our market position mostly due to your determination and hard work. Our Group’s success has been featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the top 100 companies making...

Driving down emissions in automotive interiors
07 Mar 2015
Headquartered in Switzerland and with production in Germany, ATP adhesive systems specialise in the development and production of solvent- free, speciality pressure sensitive and heat activated tapes and films for the automotive industry.

March 2015, ATP announced a bespoke range of low emission adhesive tapes and...

ATC XL - Beheizter Testbehälter für PUR und PIR Schäume
06 Mar 2015
In der Qualitätssicherung großer Schaumteile, z. B. Instrumententräger oder Autositze, werden Schaumformulierungen direkt in offene Testbehälter gefüllt. Diese Testbehälter haben den Nachteil, dass sie Wärmeverluste haben und ausschließlich Steigprofilmessungen erlauben. Temperaturkritische PUR und PIR Formulierungen können jedoch nur in beheizten Behältern reproduzierbar und produktionsnah getestet werden. Um dies zu ermöglichen,...
06 Mar 2015
OLTCHIM - Cutting edge, High-Performance Products

We would gladly welcome you to our Stand No. 2200 during April 14-16 at UTECH EUROPE 2015 in Maastricht.

We will present:

⇒ PETOL ® - A wide range of Polyether Polyols designed for: • Flexible Polyurethane...
DESMA presents the use of solids in the automotive industry.
06 Mar 2015
DESMA presents the use of solids in the automotive industry. Every car or truck should be comfortable during the journey. This includes a smooth and silent drive. The sound which is produced by the road and tires have to be insulated therefore. One solid filler to overcome this noisy problem...
OCFM* – Messgerät für 1K-Schäume
06 Mar 2015
Das OCFM ( O ne C omponent F oam M easurement) Messgerät wurde speziell zur Erfassung der Schaumexpansion, des Drucks und der Temperatur von 1K-Schäumen (OCF) entwickelt. OCFM besteht aus einem schlanken, mit einer OCF-Schaumprobe gefüllten Kartonzylinder, einer Halterung zum Ausrichten dieses Zylinders und einem Ultraschall-Abstandssensor. Der...

27 Feb 2015
LAMBIOTTE S.A., leader in the production of ACETALS , presents four products for the polyurethane industry : Methylal (Dimethoxymethane) , a blowing agent for the future; 2,5,7,10-Tetraoxaundecane (TOU) and 1,3-Dioxolane , two powerful cleaning agents; and 2-Ethylhexylal , a non-VOC component of PU sealants.

Methylal has among the...

Graco Polyurethane Equipment
26 Feb 2015
Graco provides polyurethane applications such as insulation, waterproofing, sealing and bonding in polyurethane markets such as fenestration, transportation, etc… from spraying polyurethane foam and polyurea coatings to dispensing shot sizes in small or high volumes.

Graco provides the solution for all customers’ needs and ensures high quality local...

A.S. Enterprises
24 Feb 2015
A S. Enterprises has established itself as the leading manufacturer & exporter of flexible PU foam machines in India. The company offers complete range of machinery including Continuous & Batch type foaming machines and different types of cutting machines. We also provide spares & service to all ASE machines &...

Cannon will celebrate its 50th Anniversary @ UTECH Europe 2015
23 Feb 2015
The Cannon Group will start the celebration of its 50 th Anniversary while being present at the UTECH Europe Conference and Exhibition 2015, to be held in Maastricht, Holland (MECC Congress Centre, April 14-16, 2015). Cannon started its activity in the field of dosing units and mixing heads for...
DESMI-Proven Technology
23 Feb 2015
DESMI is a global company specialised in the development and manufacture of pumps and pumping solutions.Our DESMI ROTAN® internal gear pump is used in high demand applications incl. polyurethane industry where a reliable and constant flow is required as well as ultimate protection against leakage.

At the show...
23 Feb 2015

Founded in May 2002, Purcom has grown with a tremendous goal: to use intelligence in order to develop effective solutions tailored for market needs. A company that believes it's possible to go the extra mile. It proves this by working daily to discover new paths, products and...

Perstorp to highlight strength and success of Capa™ caprolactone polyols at UTECH 2015 polyurethanes show
19 Feb 2015
Perstorp is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its broad Capa™ portfolio, which comprises grades with varying molecular weights and levels of functionality. The range continues to mature and grow: at UTECH, Perstorp is introducing Capa™ Lactides for polyols. With such a wealth of choices, Perstorp is now making it easier...

18 Feb 2015
Everberg, BELGIUM – The Polyurethanes and Performance Products divisions of Huntsman today announced that they will be exhibiting at UTECH Europe 2015 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, from the 14 to 16 April. During this year’s event, Huntsman will showcase its passion for polyurethanes and the ways in which...

Baulé is launching a new generation of cast elastomer machines
17 Feb 2015

With the intent to reinforce our position as a leading machine manufacturer for cast elastomers, we once again enhanced the specifications of all BAULÉ machines series. The recently developed New Generation of machine ranges offers a higher productivity and a larger scope of abilities...
17 Feb 2015
The health and safety of our customers and Baulé’s employees is our top priority. This is the reason why our product development is always aimed at better performance, easier processing and lower energy consumption while striving to eliminate, wherever possible, hazardous chemicals. This is an ongoing challenge for our R&D...

PURe PASSION! POLYTEC EMC and the new DG 120 at the UTECH
16 Feb 2015
Anyone familiar with polyurethane knows that it is an extremely versatile material. Apart from standard applications such as the manufacture of sealings, insulation and shoe soles, owing to its characteristics polyurethane (PUR) is also employed for innumerable industrial purposes. PUR processing requires low-pressure dosing systems, which measure out the liquid...

Progressive Cavity Pump VISCO.pump®
12 Feb 2015
In addition to the well-established gear and radial piston pumps Beinlich will soon introduce the new progressing cavity pump VISCO.pump® on the market. VISCO.pump® has been designed for precise dosing of fluids and pastes and is especially suitable for abrasive media and for dosing and dispensing proportional to speed. Accuracy...
SPF Depot Aftermarket Parts Fills the OEM Void.
12 Feb 2015
Over the years, SPF Depot has brought to market numerous unique products, including hard coated mix chambers, Titanium side seals and is the only one providing genuine Certified DuPont™ Viton™ O-rings manufactured to MIL-SPEC.

"We focus on making SPF Depot parts last longer than parts contractors are used...

Innovative VSE Helical Screw Flow Meter
11 Feb 2015
Measuring volume flows using a helical screw flow meter is a known principle. VSE Volumentechnik GmbH has developed a significant innovation based on this measuring technology.

When looking at the advantages of measuring volume flows according to the screw pump principle of the VSE RS series, it...
11 Feb 2015
Working together toward sustainable solutions

Maisach, 20. January 2015 – Chem-Trend has more than 50 years of experience developing release agents as well as ancillary products such as mould cleaners and mould sealers for polyurethane moulding operations. Our industry-wide expertise spans all polyurethane applications, including:


Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH - press releases
10 Feb 2015
Please find the latest press releases here:

Cutting unit
10 Feb 2015
Wide range of cutting units including:

- vertical cutting unit, mod. TMV

- horizontal cutting unit, mod. TMO

- horizontal heavy duty cutting unit, mod. TMO-2R

- turntable cutting unit, mod. TMC

- CNC cutting unit by blade, mod. TML-A...
Foam block plant
10 Feb 2015
TEC MAC Srl is the world oldest manufacturer of batch block foaming plant with hundreds of units sold worldwide.

Among its main features we can mention:

- Our patended metering system: the most precise dosing system available on the market, granting a precision up-to 0,1%, meaning...
High pressure machine
10 Feb 2015
Isoltec is a wide range of high pressure machine, specifically designed to process rigid polyurethane foam, polyurea, adhesives, elastomers, silicone and similar chemicals.

The machine can be hydraulically or pneumatically operated with fixed or variable ratio.

The unit can be equipped with primary heaters and heated...
10 Feb 2015
Utech 2015 is the event that Umicore has chosen to launch its new Valikat DCC line, the new generation of non-toxic catalysts that are excellent substitutes for mercury and tin-based catalysts.

DCC stands for Delayed Cure catalyst . It is available in two versions, the Valikat DCC 1410...

A Better Mix
09 Feb 2015
StateMix will be readign a paper at the UTech discussing the technology of dual axis centrifugal mixers. StateMix wil also be giving demonstrations of the technology at thier booth 1885.
Advanced Test Container ATC XL for critical PU and PIR Foams
09 Feb 2015
In the production control of big foam parts, e.g. automotive seats or instrument panels, shots from high pressure mixing heads are made directly into wide test moulds. Unfortunately open test moulds have a significant heat loss and provide rise profile measurements only. Temperature critical PU and PIR formulations cannot be...
Era Polymers Stand 1360 @ UTech Europe 2015
09 Feb 2015
At UTech Europe Era Polymers will be showcasing the following products:

Erapol L-Series: A new range of TDI prepolymers, which have a lower-free TDI level compared to conventional grades. The products in some cases also give increased pot-lifes and improved physical properties compared to their standard couterparts.
09 Feb 2015
Impianti OMS will be exhibiting at UTECH show to be held from 14 to 16 April 2015 in Maastricht in the Netherlands and will welcome everyone interested at booth n°1145.

Impianti OMS will present their range of machines information, applications and latest technologies.

  • TUES    14 APRIL  09:30 - 18:00
  • WEDS   15 APRIL  09:30 - 18:00
  • THURS 16 APRIL  09:30 - 16:00

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