UTECH Website
All of our marketing is designed to bring potential visitors to the website in order to view the exhibitors, conference programme and to register.

  • Sole sponsor - €10,000
  • Banner - €1,400
  • Registration page - €1,700
  • Exhibitor list and floor plan - €2,000

Email Bulletins
We keep our registered and potential visitors up-to-date with our progress through -mail bulletins. Sponsor one of these and get your brand in front of over 30,000 key individuals prior to the event.

  • €850 / e-bulletin
  • €2,300 for three

At Show

Additional branding around the show can add huge visibility to your brand. You really do not need to take the biggest stand in the hall to have the highest visibility. Careful logo placement can create exactly the same effect.

Registration Desks
Be the first exhibitor that the visitors see when they enter the show. This highly visible sponsorship not only offers visibility, but adds kudos to your brand.

  • €11,000

Visitor Badges
Extend your brand beyond the registration area by also placing your logo on the visitor badges, which enables you to have your company logo visible throughout the entire venue.

  • Registration desk plus badges €13,200
  • Badges only €3,500

Lanyards - SOLD

Show Carrier Bags - SOLD

Inserts in Bags
Insert one piece of corporate/product literature into the show bag at registration. Supply us with the 4,000 A4 pieces and we will insert them on your behalf. A simple, and easy way to promote your brand.

  • €900

UTECH Show Guide
The ultimate guide to the show, distributed and used by every visitor, the A5 show guide has high value both during and after the show. Raising your companies profile in the show guide puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

  • Whole Page 4 colour €2,450
  • Half page 4 colour €1,700
  • Quarter page 4 colour €1,250
  • Logo on show guide entry €250

A0 Posters
In the main entrance at the Maastricht Passage or Forum Passage we can offer you a poster place AO format

  • €380 per poster per event (depending on location, minimum 10 posters)

Outside the MECC building at the Main Entrance and Forum Entrance we can provide 12 flags for promoting your company.

  • €710 per flag (minimum 3 flags)

At the Maastricht Passage or at other locations inside the building you can place banners.

  • €1,850 per location per event (max. 8 banners).

Restroom Advertising
Toilets near the Westhall / Exhibition centre. Size: A3 frames.

  • €125 per frame per event

Barrier Advertising
Double-sided advertising cases can be paced on barriers. A total of 10 barriers providing access to all parking spaces of the exhibition building is available for advertising.

  • €3,990 per event (all 10 barriers)

Window and Door Stickers
Advertising stickers in different sizes can be affixed on all windows and glass doors of the Maastricht Passage, the Main entrance and the entrance of the Congress Centre.

  • €5,200 (minimum 16 stickers).

Stair Case Stickers
On various locations in the building stickers, measuring 10 x 200cm, can be affixed on stairs. These can be placed in the Congress Centre, the Main Entrance and the MECC@table.

  • €3,990 per event per stairs location.

Footstep marking is possible inside the building on various locations up to a maximum of 200 prints in all desired sizes (exclusive right: max 2 participants).

  • €3,900

Promo Items
In our main entrance or on other different locations within our building we offer you the possibility to surprise visitors with your latest demonstration item. Also our outside areas could offer spectacular possibilities.

  • €2,500 per item, excluding insurance

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