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  UTECH Europe 2018 Exhibitor News

A.S. Enterprises - Stand 436
With nearly 30 years experience in the field of flexible foam machinery, ASE is now looking to expand its market to USA, Canada and Europe. Our machines are a good substitute for highly expensive machines without compromising on quality. Our Vertical, Horizontal, Carousel cutting machines have a proven track record.

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BASF – Stand 630
Insulation applications and environmental production will be an important part of BASF’s display at UTECH Europe this year.

There will be a strong focus on Slentite and Elastospray HFO-blown sprayfoams, on a stand that will feature applications from across a wide range of industries.

Slentite is a high-performance insulation panel, it will be presented in DeepFrame technology. This generates a virtual reality impression without using VR glasses. BASF said that it allows visitors to ‘experience the new product from a completely new perspective.’

Also aimed at the construction sector, BASF will showcase its new generation of HFO-blown spray foams: Elastospray LWP. The product is free of ingredients that contribute to global warming or that deplete the ozone layer, BASF said.

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Berlac Group – Stand 662
Berlac group companies ISL Chemie and Bomix will use UTECH Europe to outline an expanded range of products for polyurethanes. 

ISL Chemie said that its Moltopren S range now includes mixed colour shades as well as red, blue and yellow. The company said that these dyes contain reactive alcohol groups. The reactive groups help the dyes to become incorporated into polyurethanes during the polymerisation reaction. This locks the dyes into the polymer.

Berlac’s Bomix subsidiary will be showing a new finger-print additive for in-mould coatings and foams. Bomix said that using the additive makes parts ‘forgery-proof’.

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Berliner Intermediates - Stand 333
Distributing brand of a diverse range of aliphatic diols for CASE and flexibles, multi-functional aliphatic aromatic polyols for composites and high strength rigid foams PUR and PIR.

We address your PU formulations with sustainable and performing intermediates derived from Cardanol (a CNSL derivative) Castor and Rapeseed Oil. Berliner Intermediates maintains of bringing “Sustainable and lasting solutions for your PU products”.

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Bomix Chemie GmbH - Stand 622
At UTECH Europe 2018; Bomix Chemie GmbH presents reliable, innovative solutions for PU surface refinement. A special highlight is the novel Fingerprint-Technology for invisible, counterfeit-proof product identification with the use of an additive. New high-performance release agents offer added value and variety for special applications in the sectors - mobility, lifestyle and health. The new generation of coatings and In-Mould-Coatings convinces in account of its multifunctional properties, especially in the field of flame-retardant features, biocompatibility and conductivity for bright colour shades.

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Covestro Elastomer – Stands 520 and 530
The company will occupy two stands: 520, dedicated to polyurethanes; and, 530 dedicated to cast elastomers. The elastomers stand will feature both material and machinery developments. Alternatives to TDI-MOCA systems will feature strongly among elastomer materials, the firm said.
The elastomer stand will also showcase the company’s new machine design concept. This makes it possible to customise the processing machine to each end-user’s requirements and for the machine to evolve with the customer in the future. Additionally, the machine, which will be displayed on the stand, will feature systems that improve accuracy, make handling safer and increase productivity, said the company.

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Further details on FAPU online UTECH show preview

Dow Polyeurethanes – Stand 310
Dow Polyurethanes will present a range of polyurethane products across many sectors at UTECH Europe 2018.

The company said it will highlight building envelope materials that can improve sustainability, make buildings more energy efficient and enhance fire safety. Dow will also talk about the Cepeda rigid panel testbed in Spain.

In terms of flexible materials, the company will outline a number of products developed for the bed and furniture sectors. Sleep science will feature strongly in this part of the stand.

Other highlights of the company’s exhibition include: elastomers, adhesives and binders. Automotive materials will be on display too.

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Era Polymers -  Stand 624
Era Polymers is happy to announce the addition of a selected number of Extra Low Free TDI grades (<0.1%) to their prepolymer range. 

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Fecken-Kirfel – Stand 412
Cutting machinery company Fecken-Kirfel will outline its new Loop H32 LF band knife splitting machine at UTECH Europe 2018.

The Loop H32 LF is designed to be operated single handedly and blocks can be changed without stopping the machine. It takes about 30 seconds if the laterally positioned winder is used, the firm said.

This is possible because of a specially designed gluing station, and because the wind-up station can be laterally positioned next to the looper.

The firm will also be offering an open house at its Aachen, Germany headquarters with Mammut and Beckmann, which supply the mattress industry, during the show.

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Follmann - Stand 1010
As experts for the development and manufacture of pigment preparations for colouring polyurethanes in foams and CASE applications, Follmann will be exhibiting in Maastricht. Curious trade fair visitors can get all the information about the products and individual services of the family business.

"This trade fair is an ideal platform for us to show the visitors our innovative and tailor-made solutions in the field of pigment preparations, and to make new contacts", says Axel Rück, Business Development Manager at Follmann. The focus will be on FOLCO® LOR pigment preparations, which Follmann has developed specifically for colouring polyurethane.

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H & S Anlagentechnik GmbH -  Stand 710
This year H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH, Germany will introduce its innovative technology and reactor installations for the chemical conversion of PU foam out of end-of-life mattresses into high quality polyols for application in rigid PU foams. The technology is based on an optimised acidolysis method and enables the generation of high-grade recovered polyols which can substitute up to 50% of the original polyol without compromising the physical and mechanical properties of the final product. 

H&S will also present reactors and technologies for generating high-quality polyester polyols based on PET, PA, adipic acid and natural oils.

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Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri – Stands 506 and 600
Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri said it will unveil a new generation of Castech hot-cast elastomer machines at UTECH Europe.

The new Castech HP3000 machines are flexible and low maintenance, offering precision metering and mixing, said the company.

The new model is designed for elastomers and microcellular foams, it added.

Good mix homogeneity, high output and precise-shot casting and a long are other features of the models, Huntsman claims.

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Further details on FAPU online UTECH show preview


IPF  - Stand 138
IPF develops customized Transport & Storage Systems for the Polyurethane Foam Manufacturers, supplying complete solutions in the following areas: Curing Racks, Foam Cranes, Conveyors, etc. using the latest technologies and fully integrated with your current plant systems. IPF offers a complete solution from the design of the factory layout and process, to the most advanced technology to get a smart foam factory.

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ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG  - Stand 622
50 Years of “Spirit of Colour”

Already since its foundation in 1968 ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG, producer of pigment pastes and paints for the polyurethane industry, has been dedicated to quality “made in Germany”. At Utech 2018 ISL will be presenting long-term proven products as well as new products for the colouring and coating of polyurethanes.

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Keil Anlagenbau - Stand 1110
Keil Anlagenbau presents its newly developed Self-Blending System at UTECH Europe.

The self-blending system is based on the dosing technique with the brand name GRAVITUBE®.

This precise technology has far better dosing options than many other measuring systems, and it is characterized by accuracy and reproducibility even when minimum quantities are handled. Also, the competency in the field of prepolymer equipment will be another topical theme and a point of focus.

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Kimteks – Stand 180
Turkish systems house, Kimteks will give details of its new high flow system for pentane-blown refrigerator foams at UTECH Europe in Maastricht later this month.

The materials are called Kimcool.  ‘A number of leading home appliance producers in Turkey,’ are using the systems said the firm. The refrigerator firms chose the materials because of their low viscosity. This means that it is possible to achieve good fill without voids and to make refrigerators with smooth surfaces, the firm said.

It added that polyols used in the systems are compatible both with cyclo- and iso-pentane.


Milliken – Stand 610
Milliken, which makes polyurethane additives and colorants, will be showcasing Milligard AS aldehyde scavenger and ColorDirection 2019 at UTECH 2018.

‘The new Milligard AS aldehyde scavenger reduces the formation of aldehydes in PU foam,’ said Antoni Puig, product line manager, EMEA.
The new additive is designed to improve the quality and durability of PU parts. It does this by preventing odour-causing degradation by-products. These by-products can form when PU parts are exposed to light, heat and nitrogen oxides.
The other focus of the stand is ColorDirection 2019. This is a prediction of the colour pallete that Milliken expects to see consumers gravitate towards in 2019.

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Further details on FAPU online UTECH show preview


NEO GROUP - Stand 433
One of Europe’s leading producers of high quality Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins and Aromatic Polyester Polyols designed for use in polyisocyanurate and polyurethane applications. Founded in Lithuania in 2004, NEO GROUP is serving wide range of polyester polyols based on PET and phthalic anhydride (PA) components with improved processing and final properties.

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Nitroil – Stand 714
Nitroil, a raw materials and systems company, plans to launch a new machine range at UTECH Europe.
The first offering is a dispensing machine called Nitroil PU A-100. It is designed for polyurethane and polyurea foams and elastomers that can be sprayed, cast or injected.

The prototype machines, which are being trialled at a number of Nitroil customers, can process two components on the high-pressure side and up to four on the low-pressure side. 

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NRC Group - Stand 349
The NRC Group, now a global company, will be there at UTECH Europe to exhibit with two of its partners, Notedome Limited and Albemarle Europe SPRL. Together, the three companies will be presenting their comprehensive range of raw materials for polyurethane production, showcasing innovative solutions and introducing new logistics and packaging services.

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OSV  - Stand 341
OSV demonstrates it's new edition of M Series metering and mixing machine for processing high performance quasi MDI polyurethane elastomers. Also at our booth you will find a brand new equipment OSV Combi, which designed for mixing liquid polymers with mineral fillers for manufacturing engineering stone and abrasive tools. 

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PURPLAN - Stand 544
PURPLAN plans and builds customized plants for polyurethane and synthetic resin production.

As a family business with a young team of proven specialists, we are one of the leading plant construction companies with locations in Germany, the USA and China.

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REPI - Stand 424
The worldwide well-known colours and additives producer will be attending once again the leading trade show for polyurethanes applications.
The 45-year-old supplier of liquid colours, additives and ancillary equipment for Polyurethanes and Thermoplastics will highlight the complete range of products for polyurethane applications.

A special focus will be on the Automatic Feeding System for self-formulators, based on the unique idea to add the colour in the drumming off phase to polyol or pre-polymer, by means of a gear pump connected to a motor controlled by REPI U2011 Dosing Unit.
REPI Technical Team will be showing the unit functions in depth during the show.

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SAIP – Stand 420
Italian polyurethane machinery maker Saip has outlined some of the key new products and developments that will be on show at UTECH Europe 2018.
The company will have people on hand to explain the important details of its recently patented mouth-up foaming fixture. Secondly, Saip will detail its recently patented third-stream, high pressure mixing head.

Cedepa, the insulated panel test bed and research and development centre, which is run in conjunction with Dow Polyurethanes will form a special focus on the stand.

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UBE - Stand 504
UBE is a global company that supplies value-added products for polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants. Our products are commercially available in Europe, Americas and Middle East, and produced in our plants worldwide, directly selling our products through our different offices spread wordwide, having our own local stock stocks.

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Tuesday 29 May 2018 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 30 May 2018 10:00 - 18:00
Thursday 31 May 2018 10:00 - 16:00



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