The presentation PDFs from the UTECH Europe 2021 Conference which took place at the MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands, on 16-18 November 2021, are now available to purchase and download. 

Fee: €450 +VAT


Includes: PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations that were delivered at UTECH Europe.

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  • Albert Camp, Segment Lead Furniture, BASF SE 
    Sustainable solutions for the furniture industry
  • Angel Marcos-Fernandez, Researcher at Instituto de Polimeros (CSIC)
    Design of PU foams for hydroponic horticulture
  • Angel Rodriguez, R&D Technician of Release Agents, Concentrol
    Hybrid mold release agents for polyurethane foam: innovation, state of the art, application and their impact on the environment
  • Anna Eriksson, Technical Manager, NYNAS
    Polybutadiene based polyurethane compatibility with different types of mineral oils
  • Anne Pigamo, R&D Development Manager, Arkema
    Bio-sourced raw material in HFO blown foam for the spray foam industry
  • Annelies Vandevelde, Technical Manager, Global Technology and Innovation Group, Huntsman
    Low emission flexible foam technology meets most stringent automotive requirements
  • Antonello Cerullo, Sr Business Development Manager Additives Europe, SABIC
    PPE oligomers for improved PU materials
  • Aurelie Perrenot, Global Head of Application and Development at Covestro Elastomers
    Circular economy solutions for the mining industry
  • Christophe Ponce, TS Manager PU Automotive Seating and Flex Foam, Huntsman
    A new era in seating comfort with a thin foam technology that delivers an initial soft feeling
  • Christopher Woodcock, Application Development & Technical Service Manager Coatings, Lanxess
    Low-free urethane prepolymers as building blocks for high performance protective coatings
  • Cosmin Contiu, Senior Product Manager BDO, PolyTHF & Renewables, Marketing Intermediates, BASF SE
    Intermediates with increased sustainability as raw materials for the polyurethane industry
  • Daniel Saxton, Consultant, NexantECA
    How sustainable is the polyurethane value chain?
  • Daniela Hermann, Technology Manager Comfort, Evonik Operations
    Evaluation of parameters that impact compression set
  • Felix Muehlhaus, Technology Manager, Evonik Specialty Additives
    Improving resistance towards hydrolysis in automotive moulded foams, with performance additives
  • Florian Kessler, CEO, CellEQ
    Understanding PU - novel approaches for the acquisition of process dependent material data
  • Frank Van Elten, Training Consultant
    Restriction on diisocyanates - Our digital platform
  • Geert Dries, Huntsman (contact information only)
  • Gerry King, Head of Technical Services & Application Development - EMEA, Lanxess
    Adiprene Green prepolymers and
    Hot cast / cold cure polyurethane
  • Grazyna Mitchener, Director, PolyChemTech
    Nature-inspired impact absorbing polyurethanes
  • Heiko Tebbe, Head of Application Technology EMEA - BU Polymer Additives, LANXESS Deutschland
    New phosphorus based flame retardants for rigid polyurethane foams
  • Herbert De Breuck, Global Polyurethane Technical Lead, Milliken Europe
    Antioxidants and scavenging technologies to reduce emissions and odor in polyurethane foam
  • Ibrahim Sendijarevic, Business Development Director, Troy Polymers
    Water-based polyurethane dispersions with high levels of Nuvolve engineered polysaccharides in – application in wood coatings
  • Jorg Palmersheim, Secretary General, ISOPA
    Introduction to ISOPA
  • Jorg Palmersheim, Secretary General, ISOPA
  • Jochen Frank, Global Business Development Manager, LANXESS Deutschland
    Water-based adhesion promoter systems for surface-treated polyolefins
  • Josep Gimeno, Technical Manager Europe, Honeywell
    Strategies to improve thermal insulation of rigid foams containing HFOs
  • Josep Nadal, Technical Manager, Concentrol
    Silicone surfactants for low content of aldehyde and aromatic emissions PU foam
  • Kristine Dewaele, Counsellor, Project & Office Manager at ISOPA/ALIPA
    Walk the Talk Programme & Driver Training ISOPA – The way ahead
  • Laura Katharina Scarbath-Evers, Materials Science Applications Scientist, Schrödinger
    Predicting the properties of thermosetting polyurethanes using atomistic simulations
  • Marcel Hartmann, Business Manager Europe - PU Additives, Momentive Performance Materials
    The future of additives for bedding and furniture
  • Martin Baumert, Director, Head of Technical Development, BASF SE
    Novel elastocool solutions meet higher energy efficiency standards
  • Martin Baumert, Director, Head of Technical Development, BASF SE
    Innovative PU solution for the bedding industry
  • Martin Glos, Technology Manager Insulation EMEA, Evonik
    New additive solutions for PIR rigid foams
  • Maximilian Joost, R&D PU Specialty Foams, BASF
    Reduction of emissions in the car interior thanks to optimised polyurethane systems
  • Michael Klostermann, Technical Manager Advanced Polyurethanes, Evonik
    Tailor-made additives for PU frothing technology
  • Michael Washington, Technical Manager, Reaxis
    Exploring novel bismuth complexes for polyurethane catalysis
  • Michel Beaujean, Senior Scientific and Technical Advisor, Lambiotte
    The advantages of combining methylal with HFOs: spray foams as a typical example
  • Mikelis Kirpuks, Senior Researcher, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry
    Sustainable feedstock based rigid PU foam cryogenic insulation
  • Mila Skokova, Sales & Product Manager, H&S Anlagentechnik
    The first industrial plant in Europe to recycle end-of-life PU mattresses into polyols
  • Norman Keane, Director of Innovation, Ingevity
    New polycaprolactone polyols for soft polyurethane applications
  • OIiver Geiger, Senior Manager Sustainability - Performance Materials Europe, BASF & Thomas Mattieu, BASF
    Sustainability approach for future polyurethane solutions
  • Orcun Yucel, R&D Sr Specialist, Arcelik 
    BioCool household refrigerators based on soy-oil based rigid polyurethane foam insulation
  • Peter Groome, R&D Director, Jiahua
    Novel aromatic polyol and its application in rigid foam formulation
  • Pierre Chaffanjon, Technology Manager Polyurethane Additives, Momentive Performance Materials
    Additives to enhance the thermal insulation performance of polyisocyanurate foams
  • Rob Peacock, Consultant, ICIS
    Review of current market and pricing developments in polyurethane chemicals
  • Rodrigo Navaroo-Crespo, Postdoctoral Researcher, CSIC
    Synthesis and characterisation of elastomeric polyurethanes based on poly (diethylene glycol terephthalate) diols
  • Roger van Maris, Sales & Business Development Manager, Tosoh
    Reactive amine catalyst for low compression sets, low aldehyde emission and low odour for flexible polyurethane foams
  • Ronald van den Bosch, EH&S Issue Management, Dow
    Regulatory Update - the OEL setting on diisocyanates in particular
  • Stefan Haubenreisser, R&D Manager, INPUT - Institute for Polyurethane Technology GmbH
    A new type of reactive non-isocyanate foam (NIF)
  • Steve Crain, PMP, Business Development Leader, Bakelite
    Customer case study demonstrating the benefit of incorporating aromatic polyether polyols in rigid foams
  • Sven Gahrens, Technical Manager Insulation, Evonik
    Next generation amine catalyst for improved system stability with hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) blowing agent
  • Thomas Wolf, Head of Business Development, Nolax
    Fast-curing industrial polyurea adhesive for lightweight particleboards
  • Ulrike Groenhagen, Team Leader, Product Development for Infinergy, BASF
    Particle foam meets 3D printed lattice – combining improved sustainability and performance
  • Walther Ploos van Amstel,  Professor in Citylogistics, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
    Logistics eats circular supply chains for breakfast
  • Yuriy Shafran, Co-founder, OSV
    OSV solutions for R&D and laboratory applications
  • Yvo Trimbos, R&D Team Leader & Technical Product Manager - 2CPU systems, Soudal
    Introducing a low GWP two component low pressure PU foam