Marco Volpato, CEO of Cannon Group, will present the keynote address at the UTECH Europe 2021 conference taking place on the 16-18 November 2021 at the MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands. 

Volpato will present a paper entitled Polyurethane: where we came from and where we're going.

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In 1974, after his father’s death, he took over the ownership and management of the first small business existing at that time of the current Cannon Group, which dealt with the first industrial technologies for the production of machinery for polyurethane foam. 

From 1974 to 1986 he contributed to Cannon’s involvement in all polyurethane applications and to its internationalization with the creation of foreign companies, till the acquisition of the world leadership in the field of machinery and plants for the production of polyurethane foam products, whose main applications are in the refrigeration, transport, and insulation industries as well as countless other flexible foam applications. 

From 1987 onwards he was dedicated to the process of diversification of the existing activity in other sectors of plants production to process different plastics and composite materials. He also introduced Cannon to the electronics, energy and water treatment sectors with the aim of developing further technologies in the fields of energy efficiency, environmental protection and industrial automation. 

Today Cannon consists of more than 30 companies around the world and carries out a continuous and analytical research and development activity that qualifies its presence on the marketplace. The Group employs approximately 1,300 people.