ISOPA represents the manufacturers in Europe of aromatic diisocyanates and polyols, the main raw materials for polyurethanes. 

  • ISOPA promotes the highest standards of best practice in the distribution and use of diisocyanates and polyols
  • ISOPA ensures that all stakeholders can easily access accurate and up-to-date information on diisocyanates and polyols
  • ISOPA shows how polyurethanes help fulfil society's present and future needs



EUROPUR is the European association of flexible polyurethane foam blocks manufacturers. 

Their mission is to: 

Promote the unique benefits of flexible polyurethane (PU) Foam in its multiple applications.
Speak on behalf of the European flexible PU block foam industry to regulators and other stakeholders (e.g. media, consumers, industry associations).
Contribute to standards and legislation related to PU flexible foam and our industry, by providing adequate expertise to decision-makers.
Initiate research projects on the performance of flexible PU Foam throughout its lifecycle, notably including health, safety and the environment.
Communicate on research project results, and publish information of common interest to our members, the public and other interested stakeholders.
Motivate our members to continuously improve the environmental, health and safety knowledge and performance of their technologies, processes and products over the lifecycle.
Provide up-to-date information to our members on foam industry-related legislation and its evolutions, as well as general market data in full compliance with EU competition law.




FAPU (German: "Fachmagazin für die Polyurethanindustrie") and FAPU "European Polyurethane Journal" are published by KP Verlag (owner: Birgit Harreither).

KP Verlag is a small independent publishing house with only one theme: POLYURETHANES

Established 20 years ago, FAPU is the leading trade journal for the polyurethane manufacturing industry in German speaking countries. The magazine is also available in English (European Polyurethane Journal). With more than 30 years of technical, sales and marketing experience in the polyurethane industry, FAPU is well grounded in knowledge and contacts to all important PU-related markets in Europe. This differentiates us fundamentally from other publishing houses and publications, where polyurethane is just another material besides many other plastic types. For further information, services and offers go to




The SPE® Automotive Div. advances automotive plastics technology worldwide with educational conferences and events. The SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Expo (ACCE) is the “World’s Leading Automotive Composites Forum”: The SPE Innovation Awards Competition & Gala is the most prestigious and largest competition of its kind in the world:

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The FSK is one of the most important professional associations of the plastics processing industry in Europe and is the largest national association with a 50+ year tradition, representing a total volume of around 10 billion euros in the polyurethane and foamed plastics industry. The members of the FSK include commodity companies, machine manufacturers, system houses/formulators and above all processing companies from the material sectors polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, rubber foams, melamine resin foam, PVC foam etc. from the DACH-region and surrounding countries. 

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